Yorkshire Water partners with BT for smart water project


A new 4G mast has been installed to not only help facilitate smart sensors deployed around the Scar House Reservoir but also to provide mobile coverage to around 1,000 local residents

This week, water utility firm Yorkshire Water have announced a new partnership with BT aiming to remotely monitor water quality using smart sensors.

The partnership has seen the duo deploy numerous IoT sensors on water courses feeding Scar House Reservoir in Upper Nidderdale, North Yorkshire.

These sensors will provide various measurements related to the water’s quality, including the temperature, weather, and condition of the surrounding moorland, all of which can impact the amount of peat in the water.

The data will be carried to Yorkshire Water via a purpose-built 4G mobile mast that BT has deployed for this purpose.

The mobile site will also provide mobile connectivity to around 1,000 residents, holiday homes, and local businesses.

The data collected will help direct Yorkshire Water to the best possible water sources to transfer to its water treatment plant. Higher quality water will require less processing, which Yorkshire Water notes is not only more efficient for the company but also produces less carbon emissions.

“Water coming out of customers taps will continue to be the high quality that it always has been – the key change here is that the water coming into the treatment works will be of higher quality, and therefore require less treatment,” explained Ted Rycroft, Yorkshire Water’s product and process manager. “That helps us to keep costs down for our customers and our operational emissions to a minimum, while maintaining our high standards of water quality.”

BT suggests that the sensors will also reduce the need for Yorkshire Water to deploy engineers to perform water testing, thereby freeing them up to perform other tasks.

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