Winning Network Operators of the UK Fibre Awards 2024 Named

The third annual UK Fibre Awards event was held yesterday in London, which saw a number of broadband ISPs and full fibre network builders across several categories pick up awards for their achievements. Some of this year’s winners included Wildanet for ‘Best Rural Fibre Provider’ and Brsk for ‘Best Urban Fibre Provider’.

The event, which is arguably very similar to existing industry award ceremonies (e.g. from the ISPA and Connected Britain), is typically backed by telecoms / ICT centric media and event organisation firm BPL Business Media.

The winners for each category were then chosen by a judging panel of several industry and IT experts (here), including various senior managers, analysts and so forth. Sadly, there’s not much to reflect the consumer perspective in this group, and no technical testing was performed.

Winners of the UK Fibre Awards 2024

Best Rural Fibre Provider

Winner Wildanet
commended Wessex Internet

Best Urban Fibre Provider

Winner Brsk
commended G.Networks

Best Wholesale Fibre Provider

Winner MS3
commended Freedom Fibre
commended FullFibre

Rollout Challenge Buster Award

Winner 4Fibre
commended Sitec Infrastructure

Best Fibre Innovation Award

Winner 4Fibre
commended Xantaro

Best Vendor/Supplier Award

Winner Fibre Networking Solutions
commended Dalcour Maclaran
commended Xantaro

Best Business Services to the Fibre Community

Winner Up Connect
commended Calix

M&A Deal of the Year Award

Winner Freedom Fibre
commended Nexfibre

Best Sustainability Programme

Winner Wildanet
commended MS3 Networks

Best OTT Service

Winner GigabitIQ
commended Voiceflex Limited

Best Community Support Project

Winner Quickline Communications
commended GigabitIQ

Best Company to Work for

Winner Virgin Media Business
commended Telecom Acquisitions

Marketing Team of the Year Award

Winner Quickline Communications
commended Gigaclear

Sales/Commercial Team of the Year Award

Winner Quickline Communications
commended Wildanet

Executive Leadership Team of the Year Award

Winner MS3 Networks
commended Home Telcoms

Overall Fibre Provider of the Year

Winner MS3 Networks

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