Why lean IT architecture will be paramount for emerging technologies


For years, many nations have declared their desire to be a ‘gigabit’ society. But are they? Not yet. The average fibre-to-the-premise coverage that would provide gigabit speed access is still less than 50% in many countries.

But this shortfall is an opportunity. High speed low latency fibre will power fast-growing industries such as autonomous transport, non-line of sight drones, metaverse and more. Investors are waiting.

In this exclusive interview at Total Telecom’s Connected Britain conference, Susan White, Head of Strategy and Portfolio Marketing at Netcracker Technology, outlines the wholesale fibre proposition for telcos and explains how a lean IT environment can speed up deployments and customer on-boarding.

For more information on how lean IT environments can supercharge the wholesale fibre market, please visit: https://www.netcracker.com/portfolio/solutions/netcracker-cloud-solutions-for-netcos-and-servcos/netcracker-fiber-cloud-solution.html

Want to learn more about the rapidly shifting dynamics of the UK fibre industry? Join the telecoms sector in discussion at Connected Britain and its sister event Connected North

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