White Paper Released at UBBF 2022, Facilitating the Evolution of Data Communication Networks to Net5.5G


Industry partnership together with some carriers, universities, research councils etc., jointly released Research on the Trends of Data Communication Network for 2030 (White paper for short) at UBBF 2022.

This white paper proposes the vision of Net5.5G industry development, facilitating business success in the Net5.5G era. This helps global carriers improve service quality, expand service scope, and obtain more business opportunities in the era of enterprise digital transformation, thereby maintaining sustainable business growth.

“The White Paper is comprehensive in scale, covering key next generation applications and the fundamental network and technology building blocks required to achieve the 2030 vision. The 2030 advanced technology includes multi-domain AI, highly resilient, low latency performance,  ipv6 enhanced and a heterogeneous IoT environment. And networks must be high trust with very low power consumption per bit.”  Ian Redpath, Research Director, Omdia.

Net5.5G, as the vision of intergenerational network innovation and infrastructure evolution, uses E2E IPv6 enhanced networking to upgrade key network capabilities, Wi-Fi 7 access, E2E 800GE, deterministic networking, and application/computing awareness. The white paper highlights the role of network infrastructure is shifting from “information superhighways of the physical world” to a “neural system” that connects the physical and virtual worlds due to booming developments in ubiquitous AI computing, the metaverse, and digital twin applications. Meanwhile, the key scenario of technology innovation is extending from consumer Internet to all-industry industrial Internet, enabling smart manufacturing and industrial Internet applications in the intelligent connectivity of everything and inter-sensing of everything era. Net5.5G is responsible for bringing network infrastructure innovation into the digital world. It provides carriers enhanced private line services with additional functions, such as cloud-based trusted network, automated networks, committed SLAs, and value-added services such as LAN/WAN convergence, enabling new application scenarios such as AI, digital twin, and industry metaverse, thereby safeguarding the journey to the intelligent world.

The digital economy is driving unprecedented network changes, with heightened consumer and vertical industry expectations about digital applications enabled by networks for the next decade. New applications such as AI, metaverse, and industrial Internet require network infrastructure to provide new capabilities such as end-to-end deterministic experience, flexible multi-cloud interconnection, ubiquitous trusted access, and intelligent O&M. As networks expand in scale, their architecture become more complex. It is imperative to upgrade networks to meet the requirements from diversified digital scenarios.

Net5.5G is in line with the innovation vision of 2030-oriented networks in the data communication field. The whole industry should collaborate to build a thriving Net5.5G ecosystem by advancing the implementation of related technical standards and scenario-specific innovations. This will help global carriers to tap into new network scenarios and take their business to new sources of revenue streams.


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