Vodafone UK Launch New Power Hub Router and Wi-Fi 6 Booster

Mobile operator and ISP Vodafone UK has today announced the launch of both a new ‘Power Hub‘ router for their home broadband packages and a complementary new ‘Super Wi-Fi 6 Booster‘ device to help improve home wireless connectivity. New customers, joining from today, on any standard plan will receive the Power Hub router.

At the time of writing, we don’t yet have any details on the technical specifications of each device, which makes it very difficult to say what sort of improvements they bring over the existing kit (customers on Vodafone’s premium Pro II plans already get WiFi 6E capable kit, such as via their ‘Ultra Hub‘ router).

NOTE: Vodafone sells broadband packages via Openreach and Cityfibre’s respective FTTC and FTTP broadband networks in the UK.

The Power Hub router is instead merely described as being “built for Full Fibre, giving speeds of up to 910Mbps and is designed to work with the latest tech“. The WiFi 6 capable router can also connect “up to 100 smart devices and offers intelligent WiFi auto-optimisation,” although most such routers could lay claim to a similar statement. But that’s all the detail they give (we’ve asked for more).

As for the new Super WiFi 6 Booster, this is designed to work with Vodafone’s new Power Hub and to deliver “reliable coverage around the whole home” using mesh technology for “wall to wall WiFi.” Customers will also receive dedicated ‘WiFi Xpert’ support, who will help to “monitor and fix any issues“. But in the “unlikely event they don’t get reliable WiFi coverage across every corner of the home, Vodafone’s Whole Home WiFi Guarantee lets them leave, for free.” But again, that’s all they say.

The enhanced kit helps to underpin Vodafone’s “new” standard broadband packages, which start from £26 per month, plus an additional £7 if you want to add their Super WiFi 6 Booster.

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