Vodafone launches dedicated healthcare unit


Vodafone Health will work with the healthcare sector to facilitate telehealth and co-develop new solutions

The UK’s healthcare sector has something of a reputation for its labyrinthine bureaucracy and its overreliance on outdated technology. In the past few years, however, this is beginning to change, with both the public and private sector proving willing to engage with telecoms and technology companies to help facilitate more streamlined and efficient patient care – especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, Vodafone is making its commitment to the healthcare sector known with the creation of a new business unit called Vodafone Health, aiming at working alongside the medical sector too “accelerate digital transformation” of the sector and “support the delivery of better patient outcomes”.

The new business unit will be led by industry expert Anne-Marie Vine-Lott.

“I’m really excited to be leading the newly created Vodafone in Health division which will act as a technology advisor and innovation hub for all our healthcare partners and customers,” said Anne-Marie Vine-Lott, Head of Health for Vodafone UK. “Our focus is on supporting health providers to work beyond organisational boundaries. To help them drive better outcomes for patients through better connectivity and the modernisation of technology.”

Vodafone’s growing interested in the healthcare sector has been apparent for many years now. Back in 2020, for example, the operator deployed a 5G private network at the University Hospital Dusseldorf, creating what they said at the time was the first 5G-powered clinic in Europe.

In fact, the formation of the Vodafone Health business unit seems to build on Vodafone’s virtual Centre for Health, which it launched in partnership with Deloitte in 2021. At the time, Vodafone said it would seek to combine its connectivity solutions with Deloitte’s significant experience in the healthcare sector to help develop healthcare solutions and support the sector’s digitalisation.

Vine-Lott was made the Head of the Centre for Health at the end of last year and she will continue to oversee the unit as the Director of the new Health business unit.

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