Vodafone Germany partners with FlyNex on industrial drone platform 


The launch comes on the fifth anniversary of Germany’s first 5G auction 

Vodafone Germany has partnered with German data collection company FlyNex to set up a platform called ‘DroNet Hub’, designed to plan and manage commercial drone flights. 

DroNet Hub will serve as a database for critical operational factors for drone flight, including the radius drones can be flown in, no-fly zones, approvals for a last-minute drone flights, and knowledge of local mobile network coverage to ensure drones can transmit high-resolution images in real time.  

With this data, DroNet Hub will help drone operators to quickly plan, manage, and carry out drone flights, with packages tailored to each client’s specific needs. Businesses can access the offering through a tariff offering 500GB of data volume per month, which can be increased to 1TB. 

The use of drones in industrial settings is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with regards to the inspection of remote or otherwise hazardous infrastructure. The press release from Vodafone notes that various industrial plants, power pylons, and wind farms in Germany are already using drones to this effect, with the drones removing the need to send human engineers to dangerous locations.“More and more industries are recognizing the added value of integrating commercial drones into their operational processes. The use of drones makes it possible to be much more efficient, digital and sustainable,” said Michael Petrosjan, Managing Director of FlyNex. 

“We want to make commercial drone flights easy and safe for everyone who wants to use them sensibly,” added Michael Reinartz, Head of Innovation at Vodafone Germany. “Very simple and at the click of a mouse. Only then can drones really help us, for example, to protect our infrastructures,” he continued. 

The announcement comes as Germany’s 5G network celebrates its fifth birthday. In a separate press release, Vodafone announced that since the 5G auction in 2019, 92% of the country’s population are now covered by the company’s 5G network, which should increase to 95% by the end of the year.  

The speed of the rollout has been rapid, having taken nine years for LTE to reach the same coverage milestone. 

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