Vodafone and Ericsson take private 5G on tour in Spain


Vodafone Spain’s enterprise unit says it will work with the Swedish equipment vendor to organise various conferences throughout the country to highlight the potential of private 5G networks

Private 5G networks for enterprise and industry has proven one of the wireless technology’s greatest successes, with deployments taking place all over the world in locations ranging from university campuses to offshore oil rigs.

Offering lower latency, higher capacity, and improved security over alternative wireless technologies, these private networks can unlock a raft of new use cases and automated solutions, from intelligent automation to autonomous robots.

But despite these obvious benefits, uptake by industries at scale has been relatively limited, with the technology widely viewed as a nice-to-have, rather than a necessity.

Perhaps this is why Vodafone Spain is teaming up with Ericsson this week to host a series of conferences throughout Spain, touting the “revolutionary” potential of the technology for enterprise.

The companies say they will focus on demonstrating the impact of high-speed, low-latency connectivity can bring for scalability of processes in complex industrial environments as well as security, cloud-based data processing and management of service-level agreements.

“5G private networks represent a revolution for the industry and for many other sectors of activity, enabling unprecedented connectivity that will boost the innovation and efficiency of many companies in our country,” said Jesús Suso, director of Vodafone Business. “We are pleased to collaborate with Ericsson to deliver this series of events. Together, we are demonstrating the transformative power of private 5G networks and how they can be deployed to meet the specific demands of each industry.”

The first event is taking place today in the city of Vigo, hosted by automotive parts specialist Recalvi. Additional cities currently featured on the tour list include Vigo, Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Valencia, Castellón, and Málaga.

Additional enterprises taking part in these conferences have not been revealed.

It is worth noting that Vodafone has already found some success with private 5G in Spain this year, deploying a 5G standalone private network at a Ford production plant in Valencia back in January.

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