Virgin Media O2 UK to Expand Streaming Services via Single Subscription

Broadband, TV, digital phone and mobile provider Virgin Media and O2 (VMO2) look set to expand their existing multi-platform streaming services, which appears set to include a new range of streaming, gaming, health, lifestyle and security services for UK customers.

Virgin Media’s customers can already access a variety of streaming services and features via their existing TV products and platforms, such as Virgin TV 360 and their newest STREAM box. But a new deal with Israeli software company Amdocs will enable VMO2 to deliver an enhanced range of end-to-end digital services, which customers will be able to “seamlessly” manage via a single streaming subscription on their TV, mobile or PC.

The details are currently quite limited, although there’s talk of the collaboration helping to expand VMO2’s offerings to “include new streaming, gaming, health, lifestyle and security services following a rapid, standardized approach.” The focus seems to be on streaming, although the mention of “security services” would appear to indicate that this goes beyond merely TV and video solutions.

David Bouchier, VMO2’s Chief TV and Entertainment Officer, said:

“We’re always looking to enhance our customers’ experience and meet their evolving needs. By broadening our offering with new sources of entertainment across mobile, broadband and TV, our customers will be able to manage their subscriptions and unlock new digital services all in one, convenient place.”

By the sounds of things, Virgin Media will be specifically aiming to integrate Amdocs cloud-native Subscription Marketplace (software as a service – SaaS) solution, which is described as being a scalable platform that enables a frictionless OTT (Over The Air) and digital consumer services experience and monetization.

Hopefully this works out a bit smoother than Virgin Media’s prior Netflix integration, which caused a variety of phantom billing problems (here). Naturally, there’s a promotional video for this new platform, which offers a bit more insight into what it might look like, even if it is steeped in the usual hyper promotional marketing spin:

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