United Kingdom joins the Chips Joint Undertaking Programme, strengthening tech ties with the EU post-Brexit

Press Release

The Chips Joint Undertaking is delighted to announce the inclusion of the United Kingdom as a Participating State in the Chips JU programme. This development marks a pivotal moment in the UK’s technological and research collaboration with the European Union following Brexit and underscores the country’s dedication to contributing to Europe’s leadership in the development and innovation of semiconductor technologies, which are essential for the digital and green transitions on a global scale.
The Chips JU programme stands at the forefront of Europe’s strategic efforts to secure its autonomy in semiconductor manufacturing and innovation, thereby ensuring its resilience and competitiveness in this key technology area. After its departure from the European Union, the UK had initially been outside the scope of the Chips JU. The inclusion of the UK as a Participating State illustrates a shared commitment to enhancing collaboration in the fields of research, development, and innovation within the sector.
Jari Kinaret, Chips JU Executive Director, remarked: “We are very happy to welcome the UK to the Chips Joint Undertaking as a participating state. We are looking forward to working with the UK partners to develop the European industrial ecosystem in microelectronics and its applications, contributing to the continent’s scientific excellence and innovation leadership in semiconductor technologies and related fields.”
The UK’s Technology Minister, Saqib Bhatti said: “Our membership of the Chips Joint Undertaking will boost Britain’s strengths in semiconductor science and research to secure our position in the global chip supply chain. This underscores our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and cements our important role in shaping the future of semiconductor technologies around the world.”
Further details regarding the specifics of the agreement and the anticipated impacts of this collaboration can be found here. The Chips JU looks forward to a fruitful partnership with the United Kingdom, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in electronic components and systems sector and reinforcing Europe’s position as a leader in this critical field.
About Chips Joint Undertaking:
Chips Joint Undertaking supports research, development, innovation, and future manufacturing capacities in the European semiconductor ecosystem. Launched by the European Union Council Regulation No 2021/1085 and amended in September 2023 as part of the Chips for Europe Initiative, it addresses semiconductor shortages and strengthens Europe’s digital autonomy, engaging a significant EU, national/regional and private industry funding of nearly €11 billion. The Chips JU is funded by the European Union, Chips JU Participating States and the Private Members.
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