UltramapGlobal – Quick-Fire Key Questions for a Global Market Leader.


Martin Connelly, UltramapGlobal Co-Founder, and Mychael Owen, Brand and Marketing Lead at UltramapGlobal were once again present at Submarine Networks in London, UK in the summer of 2023. Harry Baldock, Editor of Total Telecom chatted to Mychael in this 8 minute video.

Harry and Mychael went back to basics, exploring what UltramapGlobal is, how it works, and – in straight-to-the-point style, Harry asked Mychael to explain just how good UltramapGlobal actually is.

Here’s a short introductory quote from Mychael:

“UltramapGlobal created AssetMonitor®. The world’s most chosen subsea cable protection software. We protect the world’s most important subsea cables from sea vessel strikes. 

And with regards to how UltramapGlobal works, at our core, we’re two things. Our software, AssetMonitor®. And our Global Monitoring Teams. The software identifies threats. Then filters the serious risks to our monitoring teams. They intervene to avoid cable strikes. 24 hours a day. 365 days each year.”

Mychael then addressed Harry’s ‘so how good are you?” question,

“AssetMonitor® is the world’s most chosen. 100% of customers experience fewer cable strikes after choosing us. And over 50% of UltramapGlobal clients have no cable strikes – at all.”

Neat! There’s more in the video.


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Read more at www.ultramapglobal.com. And experience UltramapGlobals brand new “UltramapGlobal in 30 Seconds” video on the homepage.

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