UK Broadband ISP Cuckoo Appoints Sarah Howells as MD

Internet provider Cuckoo has today announced the appointment of Sarah Howells as Managing Director (MD) of the business. The newly created role will oversee all of the ISP’s customer-facing activities across Sales, Customer Service, User Experience, Digital, Brand, Marketing and Product.

Sarah was previously the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of Jurassic Fibre, until 2023, where she is said to have helped to triple the customer base within nine months. She’s also had a distinguished career in customer service, having worked in the field for nearly 30 years and holding senior positions at NTL, Vodafone New Zealand and 2degrees Mobile etc.

Cuckoo is currently deep into the process of becoming the main retail broadband ISP outlet for Fern Trading’s (Octopus Investments) consolidated UK full fibre networks (Jurassic Fibre, Swish Fibre, Giganet and AllPoints Fibre).

Paul Hellings, CEO of Cuckoo, said:

“Sarah is one of the UK’s leading figures in broadband – she’s customer obsessed and her knowledge and passion for the customer experience is something rarely seen in the sector.

With Sarah as Managing Director, and her three decades of expertise, I’m confident we can accelerate customer growth and provide unrivalled customer service at the lowest cost to serve.”

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