Toward Digital Operations Transformation 2.0, Further Unleash Transformation Value


[Bangkok, Thailand, October 26, 2022] Today, Operations Transformation Forum 2022 kicked off in Bangkok, Thailand, bringing together global communications service providers (CSPs) and industry partners. Themed “Toward Digital Operations Transformation 2.0, Further Unleash Transformation Value,” the forum explored how CSPs could seize new opportunities of digital economy through digital transformation, gain momentum for data-driven growth, and find new growth engines through digital transformation of the ToB market.

At the forum, TM Forum called for the formulation of the Digital Operation Transformation (DOTF) maturity evaluation standards from different dimensions: transformation strategy, value criteria, process optimization, data & platform, and organization & people. Leading CSPs shared their best practices and experience of digital transformation. Huawei, together with CSPs, industry organizations and analyst firms, initiated the OTF Executive Council to encourage discussions on new values, scenarios, and standards of transformation and further unleash the digital transformation.

By 2030, the Dataflow of Usage (DOU) will reach 600 Gbit/s, and the 10GE home broadband penetration rate will reach 23%. Digital transformation is going to reshape the B2B market and bring human-machine collaboration to the production workforce. The rapid development of the digital economy will bring rapid growth, which will further increase CSPs’ business and network complexity. How do we cope with these impending challenges? Huawei will help CSPs upgrade the industry through business upgrade, operation upgrade, and standard upgrade. Business upgrade offers new experience, new scenarios, and new customer values through the connection plus X mode based on carriers’ secure & native connection capabilities. Operation upgrade with human-machine collaboration enables intelligent O&M. Standard upgrade defines a set of recognized maturity standards to effectively measure value, identify gaps, and develop goals and methods for digital operations.

Jacky Zhou, President of Huawei Services & Software Solution & Marketing Dept. launched Digital Operations Transformation DigiVerse 2.0, which has four improvements. First, the transformation from clean data to smart data unleashes the potential value of data. Second, upholding the principles of core asset security and application efficiency, CSPs can build a cloud-based target network architecture. Third, from a single scenario to cross-scenario collaboration, business & network synergy across scenarios brings high-quality service development, while coordination between experience, operations and optimization enables closed-loop experience operations across scenarios. Finally, digital transformation extending from ToC and ToH markets to ToB industries drives new revenue growth.

CSPs can carry out digital transformation through digital infrastructure, digital and intelligent operations, digital services. Combining CBA model (Customers, Business, and Architecture) with ABC model (AI, Big Data, and Cloud Platform), digital transformation can be driven not only by technologies but also by business. This results in a transformation from single scenario to multiple scenarios which will provide more value to CSPs and further unleash the potential of digital transformation. Jacky emphasized that the value of digital transformation should be considered from the perspectives of capability, service, and business values. Capability value, the root of a tree, shows CSPs’ ability to seize business opportunities in the future. Service value, the stem of a tree, aims at service or process KPIs such as quality, efficiency, and product competitiveness. Business value, fruits of a tree, determines ultimate business success of digital transformation. At the conference, Huawei released the Transformation Value Model Tree (TVM) to help CSPs evaluate the transformation and take account of both the short-term and long-term benefits.

Jacky Zhou, President of Huawei Services & Software Solution & Marketing Dept

Up to now, Huawei has officially launched seven regional smart operation centers in Asia Pacific, Middle East, South Africa, North Africa, Latin America, Europe, and China, which provide enablement, adoption, and advisory services to achieving the transformation value with our customers together. Huawei has been working with CSPs to form an integrated joint team to further unleash transformation value.

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