Three ways for your ISP to tackle UK broadband compensation for cost-effective customer care

Although coronavirus lightened some regulations, Ofcom is now getting back to business as usual and even more focused on ensuring Telco compensation. As the pandemic proved, broadband connection is a must-have in our lives. Over 90% of UK Telco customers are part of the scheme with major Telcos joining like BT, Virgin Media, Sky, EE, Hyperoptic, TalkTalk, Vodafone (Openreach customers only), Utility Warehouse, and Zen Internet. 
Together with the rising international cry for broadband consumer rights, compensation is fast becoming a necessity. Subscribers demand payment for loss of service, slow repairs, delayed installations and missed technician appointments. To meet regulations, ISPs must automatically pay broadband customers when things go wrong. It’s thus crucial to ensure your ISP is ready for the inevitable change. Let&rsquo…

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