The emerging customer experience in telecoms

The last year should have been a golden year for European telecommunication (telecoms) companies. Tens of millions of people were forced to work from home in response to Covid-19 and have become increasingly reliant on robust residential broadband and mobile phone networks to do their jobs and entertain themselves. Demand for the industry’s most important product — connectivity — has never been higher.
With the advent of significant mergers and acquisitions in the UK telecoms sector, such as Vodafone’s move to split off its telecom tower business into a separate company to handle the business of constructing, owning and operating its communications towers and Telefónica’s decision to merge its O2 business in the UK with Virgin Media, the race is on to acquire customers and secure market share. At the same time, organisational need to deliver a superior brand and customer experience to retain customers has never been as vital…

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