The broadband revolution sweeping American cities

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For the first time since their inception over a century ago, America’s age-old copper and cable networks are being replaced with high-speed gigabit fiber optic networks in cities across the US

SiFi Networks, the pioneer of last mile open access fiber networks in the US is leading this charge and has produced a book: Broadband The Second American Revolution to back up its claim that its networks are the future of US broadband.

At a time when connectivity matters most, 42 million Americans still do not have access to wired or fixed wireless broadband. Where it is available, consumers often only have one choice of provider, and face the prospect of inflated prices and poor customer service.

SiFi Networks has explored this issue in a book titled Broadband: The Second American Revolution, which illustrates the shortcomings of the prevailing model of American broadband, where service providers own and operate their networks exclusively, instead of using a shared infrastructure as is common in most European and Asian countries.

As well as featuring interviews with leading US representatives, and the cities pioneering the next generation of broadband, the book explores three key issues: how to bring about better consumer choice, how to tackle the digital divide through better broadband and how to lay the connectivity groundwork for the smart cities of the future.

SiFi Networks is rolling out its privately funded open access networks in cities across the US which will enable selected ISPs to access new markets that were previously out of reach.

“Our city-wide fiber networks deliver wholesale access to service providers enabling them to quickly and profitably access new markets without any capital deployment” commented George Templeman, President, Networks Access Partnerships, SiFi Networks.

You can download SiFi’s book Broadband: The Second American Revolution by clicking on this link

SiFi Networks recently took part in Total Telecom’s first ever Connected America conference. Keep up to date with all of the latest Connected America news using the hashtag #ConnectedAmerica

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