The 5G-aliser: Time to pump up the volume

 In early 2020, as a growing number of operators were launching commercial 5G services, it was clear that there were a wide range of factors that would affect the development of the market, from availability of spectrum and devices, to demand for high bandwidth services and private networks, and maturity of underlying technology and standards.
To make sense of how 5G would evolve – and amuse ourselves in the process – the STL Partners research team, Dean Bubley (of Disruptive Analysis and who runs STL’s Network Futures research stream) and the editorial team at Total Telecom came up with the 5G-aliser. By plotting progress on the primary, secondary and wildcard factors impacting 5G development on the 5G-aliser, we understand which ones become more or less important over time, and can also build a high level view of supply and demand.
Over the last 18 months…

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