Telenet and Fluvius fibre JV dubbed Wyre ahead of launch


The company aims to upgrade the companies’ existing hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) networks to fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP)

In summer last year, Belgian operator Telenet formed a partnership with utility company Fluvius to set up a fibre joint venture, aimed at deploying full fibre throughout the Flanders region.

The JV, then known simple as NetCo, would focus on upgrading the duo’s existing HFC networks in the region to full fibre, or to DOCSIS technology where FTTP would be unfeasible.

Telenet said that it would own 66.8% of the business, with Fluvius owning the remaining 33.2%.

Combined, the partners said they would invest up to €2 billion in the business over the following eight years to achieve the goal of providing everyone in Flanders with access to gigabit-capable broadband.

The JV received approval from the European Commission two weeks ago, paving the way for the company’s initial fibre deployments, which are scheduled to begin next month.

With this in mind, the company has now announced its new brand name: Wyre.

Aside from the obvious fibre-related pun, Wyre says that the ‘y’ in its name stands for ‘you’ – a reminder of the company’s pledge “to take everyone into the digital future”. A tenuous explanation, yes, but no doubt the title will be functional for SEO purposes.

Micha Berger (pictured), previously Telenet’s special projects lead, will serve as Wyre’s CEO.

In somewhat related news, Liberty Global formally began the process of buying out Telenet’s shares earlier this month, seemingly seeking to take advantage of the company’s depressed share price.

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