Telegraph42 connects Asian markets to the global internet with a new alternative route for fast and secure data transfer between Hong Kong and Frankfurt

FRANKFURT, June 10.  Leading internet infrastructure company, Telegraph42 today announces the unveiling of an alternative data transit route between Frankfurt and Hong Kong which passes through the Balkan regions, the Middle East and Central Asia. The new ‘Southern Route,’ the first part of the larger of Digital Silk Way Project, is based on high-speed data transfer infrastructure, replacing reliance on existing subsea cable, and resulting in fast and secure, data transfer between Hong Kong and Europe with an initial throughput of up to 1Tbps, but with the guaranteed possibility of very fast channel expansion. 


The alternative route provides an extra layer of resilience and protection from physical damage, whether environmental or man-made. The Southern Route lays the foundations of the Digital Silk Road project which Telegraph42 is leading, to create and establish a new connectivity route between Asia and Europe. The Digital Silk Road project is high speed data transfer infrastructure, designed to increase regional connectivity potential and penetration, contributing to economic growth and supporting efforts to build a digital ecosystem in the region. The project will serve to speed up data transfer between Central Asia and Europe. 


Waldemar Sterz, CEO of Telegraph42 comments: “The Southern Route offers an extra layer of resilience for all global organisations which rely on the global internet to do business and our company is the only one in the world that has managed to establish an alternative transit route from Frankfurt to Hong Kong.” Sterz continues; “The launch of the commercial operation of this route is one of the elements of our strategy for connecting the Asian markets to the global internet. Over the next two years we will be investing in this route to deliver speeds of several Tbps with a longer term aim of achieving up to dozens of Tbps.”

The Southern Route is the product of highly complex negotiations initiated by Telegraph42 over the last 2.5 years, with a consortium of partners in the countries through which the route passes. 

Any company that relies on an uninterrupted internet connection to do business, such as financial companies, payments systems, stock exchanges, governments, crypto companies and global MNOs, should plan for contingencies with alternative routes.



About Telegraph42 Management GmbH

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Frankfurt, Telegraph42 provides global IP transit and capacity technology that unlocks market growth by connecting corporations, nations and governments around the world to the global internet. 


Telegraph42 today has a proven track record in building highly scalable, Next Generation, high-speed fiber optic networks to increase internet transmission capacity, connect continents and close the digital divide. 


As one of the largest providers of communications services for operators, Telegraph42 has agreements in place with the world’s largest Tier 1 telecom operators as well as global data centres. With offices in Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Almaty, Telegraph42’s highly experienced and agile global team fosters partnerships and the collaborative approach required to overcome the many obstacles of connecting the world to the internet, whilst striving to create a healthier environment for telecom industry players.


Telegraph42 is at the heart of some of the world’s most strategic internet infrastructure projects, with a proven track record in leading the delivery of complex IP transit and global connectivity initiatives Telegraph42 has worked on over 200 projects with 150+ clients, partnering with service partners, and regional operators on big-scale projects to connect continents, countries, regions and multinational businesses to the global internet.

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