Telefonica Tech expands operations in Colombia

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The new center will have more than 100 highly qualified experts by the end of the year, which will grow to more than 300 in three years. These experts will work in coordination with Telefónica Tech’s global operations team.

Telefónica Tech today inaugurated a new Digital Operations Center (DOC) at its Bogotá headquarters, in addition to the one that it opened last year in Madrid, to complement its global Cyber Security and Cloud operations capabilities.

José Cerdán, CEO of Telefónica Tech; Alfonso Gómez, CEO of Telefónica Hispam; María Jesús Almazor, CEO of Cyber Security and Cloud for Telefónica Tech; and Fabián Hernández, CEO of Telefónica Colombia, were some of the company’s executives who attended the opening ceremony. The presentation was also attended by Mauricio Lizcano Arango, Minister of Information and Communication Technologies of the Government of Colombia, and more than 40 representatives of local institutions and companies.

Telefónica Tech’s Colombia DOC has an area of 500 square metres in size and has global capacities to reinforce the operations services in all the countries in which the company is present, especially in the Hispam region and in the USA, as it shares a time zone with many of the countries in the Americas, and this means that it can also provide extended hours of support to customers in Europe.

Telefónica Tech has reinforced its operations team in Colombia and plans for the country’s DOC to have more than a hundred highly qualified experts by the end of the year, and for this to grow to more than 300 in three years. These experts’ services are marketed in the Hispam region through Movistar Empresas. The Colombia DOC team will work in coordination with the professionals that make up Telefónica Tech’s global operations area and will strengthen the network of 11 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) that the company has around the world.

From the Colombia DOC, just as with the Madrid space, Telefónica Tech’s Cyber Security and Cloud operations professionals will monitor and supervise customers’ security and cloud services 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to detect, manage and resolve any incident.

José Cerdán, CEO of Telefónica Tech, said: “This new Digital Operations Center (DOC) reinforces our role as a global technology benchmark for the protection of companies undergoing digital transformation. The experience of our professionals and our comprehensive proposal of Cloud and Cyber Security services allows us to offer customers differential solutions and guarantee high levels of confidentiality, integrity, security and availability of data and assets”.

Extensive global capabilities

The Telefónica Tech team is made up of more than 6,200 professionals of 28 different nationalities and with more than 4,000 certifications in third-party technologies. Of these, 5,500 professionals are from Cyber Security and Cloud operations, who deal with 350,000 security event tickets and around 500,000 alerts per year, of which 13,000 are critical.

Telefónica Tech’s operations professionals supervise the security of more than 15,000 devices and execute around 600 mitigations in industrialised services, such as those aimed at avoiding Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, in which there is a high degree of automation.

In addition, through the digital surveillance service, they manage more than 120,000 notifications that generate more than 6,000 reports and specific investigations, and during the last year they have closed down 8,500 fraudulent sites related to brand abuse and phishing (a type of attack in which someone impersonates an entity or service through an email or instant message to obtain the user’s credentials or information).

Telefónica Tech closed the first quarter of 2023 with revenue growth of 43.5%, reaching 429 million euros, and recording double-digit growth in both the Cyber Security and Cloud division and in the IoT and Big Data division.

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