Telecom Acquisitions Joins Freedom Fibre’s UK FTTP Broadband Network

The Horsham-based Telecom Acquisitions (TAL Group), which is a holding company for several familiar UK ISP brands (Home Telecom, Fleur, No One and Eclipse Broadband etc.), has become the latest to join Freedom Fibre‘s new gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network.

Until recently, Freedom Fibre’s network was only accessible to consumers and businesses via packages from UK ISP TalkTalk, although over the past few months they’ve added the Fusion Fibre Group, Squirrel Internet, Octaplus, MTH Networks and Yayzi etc. The addition of the TAL Group will further expand that reach.

NOTE: Equitix-backed Freedom Fibre currently covers 300,000 premises, mostly in the North West of England.

I’m proud to sell Freedom Fibre’s services,” said TAL CEO, Nigel Barnett. “Because of TAL’s industry leading position we deal with a lot of the Altnets, and find that a lot of companies are just rushing out a service to connect people as quickly as possible. But with Freedom Fibre, we’ve noticed that they’ve sort of held back and waited until they’ve got their package right.”

Freedom Fibre’s CEO, Neil McArthur, agreed: “As a wholesale provider of fibre services we know what we’re good at and we excel at it, but we need to build solid relationships with companies like TAL to maximise our distribution in different parts of the country.”

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