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Utrecht based startup, Komensky, empowers telecom companies to ensure their workforces stay competitive and innovative. They will be joining us at Total Telecom Congress this November.

About Komensky & Our Founder, Fedor Hagenaar:
Founded by Fedor Hagenaar, a specialist with almost 20 years of experience in enterprise learning strategy, Komensky is an innovative startup designed to future-proof workforces. Fedor’s expertise spans across a multitude of areas including learning ecosystem strategy, skill mobility, personalized learning, and learning analytics. His conviction that an organization’s success lies in its ability to learn and adapt led to the inception of Komensky. This innovative platform facilitates the re- and upskilling of individuals for in-demand professions, bridging the gap between current competencies and the skills of tomorrow.

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & Services:
Komensky stands out for its emphasis on skills-based learning. Our platform is powered by an adaptive skills engine, which uses a robust skill framework to make informed decisions and recommendations. It maps specific job descriptions to skills, levels, knowledge, abilities, and assessment criteria. This allows employees to identify their skill gaps and receive personalized recommendations to help them and the organization develop and grow.

Our comprehensive service offering covers a wide range of learning needs. From content curation, creation, and conversion to learning management, automation, and complex reporting, we provide solutions that support sustainable learning strategies and internal skill mobility.

Relationship with the Telecom Sector & Partnerships:
In the telecom sector, Komensky plays a pivotal role in helping companies adapt to the rapidly evolving technological landscape. By providing tailored educational solutions, we empower telecom companies to ensure their workforces stay competitive and innovative.

Our partnerships extend to reputable libraries like GoodHabitz and LinkedIn Learning. We also integrate all proprietary content and use open source content relevant for a set skill set, enabling us to provide a diverse range of learning resources.

Our Journey to the Current Stage of Development & Future Plans:
Our development is a result of extensive research, experience, and collaborations. We’ve interviewed thousands of individuals, advised dozens of companies, and delved deep into learning psychology and technology. This wealth of knowledge and expertise has helped us refine our platform to optimally meet the needs of our clients.

In light of the European Year of Skills in 2023, we plan to further elaborate on skill-based learning for all, solidifying our commitment to creating a future-proof workforce.

Our Inspiration, Recognition, and Awards:
Inspired by the wisdom of Jan Amos Komensky — ‘You live, you learn’ — we established Komensky with a vision to revolutionize learning and development in the professional sphere. Our efforts have been recognized by reputable organizations. We’ve been featured on RedThread Research‘s Skill Tech Vendor Map and have been nominated for two Learning Pool awards. We’re proud to have won the Extraordinary Impact Award 2022 from Learning Pool, a testament to our dedication and effectiveness in the EdTech sector.

The Future of Komensky:
Komensky envisions a future where our platform becomes integral to every organization’s learning and development strategy, driving growth, and enhancing workforce capabilities across industries. We are committed to continuously innovating our platform to accommodate the ever-evolving demands of the labor market and deepen our engagement with the telecom sector.

At Komensky, we firmly believe that the future of work is intrinsically tied to lifelong learning, and we are poised to lead the way in this transformative journey.

There are still opportunities to join Komensky in the Startup Village at the Total Telecom Congress this November. To find out more, visit the website

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