Startup Stories: reaching net zero by knowing the source of your electricity

Tell us about your startup
Flexidao is a software company that focuses on the electricity traceability field. Our mission is to help companies move towards 24/7 Carbon-Free Electricity sourcing (24/7 CFE). The way we do that is by tracing the origin of green power and its CO2 content every hour of the day, using our blockchain-based technology. Our business model addresses one of the main barriers that companies face on their path to decarbonisation, which is the ability of electricity consumers to access transparent electricity data to gain control over where, when, and how this fuel they consume is produced.

Our software helps energy suppliers to acquire new customers and increase margins by enabling a new sustainability premium service. Consumers can track from which plants their energy is coming from in real-time and share it with stakeholders. We integrate hourly electricity consumption and production records to the existing energy attribute certification (EAC) schemes (e.g., GOs in Europe, RECs in North America) for compliance. This is a transparency layer added to the legal green certificates, used by corporates as a CSR & marketing tool. Blockchain acts as a digital notary that can ensure there is no double…

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