Startup Stories: Jetty


Tell us about yourstart up. Who do you sell to?  What do you offer?  

Completely unique to the UK, Jetty is a white-label customer management platform built specifically for fibre retailers. It uses the latest technologies to manage the full journey of a residential fibre customer efficiently, compliantly and at scale.  

Jetty provides all this functionality out-of-the-box to Altnets and Communication Service Providers, enabling a rapid route to market and the reassurance that their customers will be managed efficiently and compliantly.  

The Jetty platform is totally end-to-end, bringing together a number of products to support the customer experience, including Sales / Order / Provisioning, Customer Service, Customer Communications, Billing & Payments, Contact Centre Technology, Hardware Logistics and Digital Applications. 

This full service offering allows our clients to focus on scaling their business either organically, or through acquisition by leaning on Jetty’s expertise of consolidating customer bases.  


What is your USP?  

Jetty is the only white-label SaaS platform in the UK that automates the full journey of a residential fibre customer – efficiently, compliantly and at scale.  

Jetty is run by a team who, individually, have all previously worked in customer telcos. As a result, the client and its customers are put at the heart of every single decision. Being built around the principles of case management, Jetty automates the customer journey and creates frictionless digital experiences for customers. Consequently, customer service agents only handle the most complex cases. 


What is your relationship with the telecom sector? 

Jetty has worked hand-in-glove with its clients to enhance the experience of its customers and customer service agents, as well as delivering a transformation programme to unlock millions of pounds of value to the group. 

We are now offering this platform to other fibre retailers to transform the experiences of their customers too. 


How have you got to your currentstage of development? (role of accelerators, partners etc)  

Jetty launched in 2022 following a management buy-out led by OVO’s previous Director of Telecoms, Alex Hollingdale.  

As well as Alex, the Jetty board includes Vinny Casey (CFO at OVO) and Steven Ackroyd (VP at OVO & Vertical Aeropace).  


Why did you establish the business?  

For the last few years we have seen over 100 UK Altnets secure funding to build a fibre network and start acquiring customers. We knew that once they started reaching some degree of scale, the manual processes and systems that had got them to launch, would not be fit for purpose. We know how hard and expensive it is to build an efficient and compliant BSS. We believe a more efficient model is for Jetty to license our platform to them as part of a managed service. This would in turn mean the Altnets could focus on the things that add the most value to them; a) building fibre networks and b) putting customers on those networks 


Who inspired you? Do you have a mentor?  

I have been fortunate to work for 2 incredible entrepreneurs in my career, both of whom have founded not just one, but two £1bn+ unicorns. 

Firstly Sir Charles Dunstone (Carphone Warehouse, TalkTalk), who taught me the importance of putting the customer and those that speak with customers at the heart of every decision you make.  

Secondly, Stephen Fitzpartick (OVO, Vertical Aerospace), who continually challenges the status quo and is driven to help solve our greatest global challenge of achieving net zero. 


What does the future hold for your business?  

Since Jetty is a cloud-based application and multi-tenant by design, technologically its scalability is limitless. Over time we anticipate Jetty expanding to offer its clients a multi-product offering (Fibre, Mobile, TV, Energy) completely on their brand. In addition we are already seeing opportunities to expand into Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. 

Fundamentally we will be successful only if our clients are successful. Our belief is that by enabling them to grow by using our technology and our deep industry knowledge, Jetty will be the platform of choice for retailers globally.  

Company CV  
HQ London, UK 
Number of employees 21 
Last fund type Self-financed management buy-out 
Founders Alex Hollingdale 
Linkedin Address 

Make sure to catch Jetty exhibiting at this year’s Connected Britain on stand S5

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