Sparkle completes international VPN trial with quantum encryption 


The company described the trial as a “pivotal moment in network security” 


Sparkle, Telecom Italia (TIM) ’s international services arm, has completed the first test of an international Virtual Private Network (VPN) protected with quantum encryption in partnership with Arqit Quantum, a UK company that specialises in quantum-safe encryption. 

The Proof of Concept (PoC) on the first Internet Protocol secure tunnel ran between Italy and Germany using Arqit’s Symmetric Key Agreement Platform.  

The trial was also supported by Telsy, a TIM owned company that specialises in cyber security. 

According to the press release, Arqit Quantum’s software-based technology will allow it to be easily scaled across existing telecoms networks, allowing for the safe transfer of sensitive data across geographical borders without the threat of cybersecurity breaches. 

“The successful completion of the quantum-safe VPN PoC, preliminary to a large-scale commercial launch, anticipates the potential threat of quantum decryption and confirms our market leading commitment to continuously elevating the security and resilience of Sparkle’s infrastructure,” said Sparkle’s Chief Marketing & Product Management Officer Daniele Mancuso. 

The advent of quantum computers poses a major threat to classical cryptography, potentially able to break through existing encryption methods in a matter of seconds. As such, developing quantum-resistant cryptography is a growing focus for the telecoms industry, as well as governments, militaries, and the public sector.  

Arqits’s solution works by creating pairs of pre-shared keys on demand, being used as both authentication and data-in-transit encryption keys. The platform then works as a broker for the creation of all subsequent keys, authenticating each endpoint with each request. 

This methodology, developed following well-established cryptographic primitives, is reportedly extremely robust against quantum attack. 

“Sparkle’s establishment of the first quantum-safe VPN between Catania and Frankfurt signifies a key milestone in telecoms cybersecurity,” said David Williams, Arqit founder, CEO and Chairman.  

“By leveraging Arqit’s SKA Platform, Sparkle is pioneering a new era of secure communication, ensuring the resilience of critical networks against the looming threat of quantum adversaries,” he continued. 

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