Smart lighting: Vodafone leans on IoT for energy savings


Ahead of Earth Day this year, Vodafone Business’s “Light as you Need” (LayN) initiative is aiming to make streetlights 30% more energy efficient using the IoT and big data analytics

This week, Vodafone Business has announced a partnership with service integrator Serveo to rollout an innovative urban lighting management project known as LayN.

This urban lighting management project will see IoT sensors added to streetlights, the data from which will then be used to help optimise energy resources and analyse mobility patterns.

Initial analyses will take place on large sets of anonymised customer location data from Vodafone, thereby measuring the real usage needs of each lighting installation.

According to Vodafone, the IoT sensors installed within the streetlamps will use 4G, 5G, and edge computing to control the lighting, while data analytics will be provided by the Vodafone Analytics tool help the sensors to understand where and when lighting is needed.

In this way, LayN will help to enhance existing urban lighting control mechanisms, as well as guide the efficient deployment of future streetlights.

In total, the companies estimate that deploying this intelligent lighting solution will allow for energy savings of roughly 30%.

“LayN represents the best combination of technological excellence applied to the sustainability of intelligent urban management, something that Vodafone has already adapted to areas such as mobility, but which has a long history in other many areas such as water management or lighting, among others,” said Daniel Jiménez, director of Vodafone Business.

LayN has already been tested in one of the cities operated by Serveo in Spain, with further deployments expected to take place in the near future.

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