Sky Mobile UK Customers Still Suffering Connectivity Problems

Some of Sky Mobile’s customers are continuing to experience connectivity (calls and data) problems today after the operator suffered a large disruption to 3G, 4G and 5G services yesterday afternoon, which Sky initially claimed to have fixed. The remaining issue seems to only be impacting data (mobile broadband) connectivity and not calling.

The problems first began at around 4:30pm yesterday, when customers reported a mix of problems with calls failing to connect and unresponsive data connectivity. Sky then reported at 9:38pm that the “problem has now been resolved,” although a smaller number of customers have continued to report that this wasn’t completely true, as their data links still weren’t functional.

A spokesperson for Sky has this afternoon confirmed that they’re continuing to experience problems: “We’re extremely sorry that some customers are still experiencing issues with their Sky Mobile data services. We had implemented a fix yesterday evening which restored services for the majority of impacted customers. Our teams are working hard to resolve this problem for any remaining customers still experiencing issues, as quickly as possible.”

The Sky Mobile service is based off a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) agreement with O2 (VMO2), although we note that none of O2’s other MVNO partners appeared to be experiencing any big issues (i.e. this seems Sky specific). But we did note that O2’s own complaint volumes for the same period were a little bit above normal, albeit not to the same scale as Sky Mobile.

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