Rashid Alahmedi, Chief Operating Officer of InfraX, discusses leading infrastructure to accelerate electric power intelligence at MWC


At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Total Telecom’s James had the opportunity to attend a media roundtable hosted by Huawei, titled “leading infrastructure to accelerate electric power intelligence”

Here, the audience heard from Rashid Alahmedi, Chief Operating Officer of InfraX, the information, Communication and Technology arm of Digital DEWA. This is a subsidiary owned by Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA).

InfraX is a licensed IOT service provider by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA). This allows InfraX to offer a diverse range of IOT connectivity options catering for the smart cities digital transformations. InfraX provides infrastructure, solutions and managed solutions.

Alahmedi gave an introduction to DEWA, and how in order to comply with the 10X strategy (a strategy launched in line with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s strategy for Dubai, which involves restructuring the functions of Dubai’s government entities to position Dubai 10 years ahead of all other cities), DEWA proposed the Digital DEWA’s strategy. It is aimed at four directions, renewable energy, electric energy storage, artificial intelligence and digital business.

It is hoped that using technologies such as AI and cloud to reduce costs and increase growth in the  in the field of digital business, increasing investment to provide more smart services to the people of Dubai and the UAE. Therefore, DEWA established a subsidiary, Digital DEWA, to provide traditional water supply and power supply services to society and the public, while further providing future-oriented digital services through its own pipelines and infrastructure; and in 2018, it established InfraX (Digital DEWA’s information Communications and Technology Department), responsible for connecting the value-added services of digital DEWA data centres and cloud services to customers.

In Total Telecom’s exclusive interview with Alahmedi, he then discussed the media panel in more detail, outlining digital DWEA and its four pillars in more detail: solar energy, energy storage, artificial intelligence and digital services. Then, Alahmedi gave us some examples of specific use cases on their partnership with Huawei on this, and how they are working to achieve their future goals.

You can watch part of the media roundtable and Mr Alahmedi’s exclusive interview with Total Telecom here:

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