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by KOREC Group

How to reliably capture accurate survey data and transform it into intelligence for increased productivity and improved decision making

KOREC works with a number of utility and fibre companies who have adopted a digital approach to their field data collection and data handling workflows. These companies are now reporting significant benefits from accurately capturing survey data across four main areas; plan, design, build and operate & maintain.

KOREC specialises in tackling the challenges that can impede productivity in all of these stages:

PLAN & DESIGN: Using mobile mapping to enhance productivity for survey, planning and design services

Jorvik Design Group has revolutionised its data capture operations through its investment in a KOREC supplied, vehicle mounted mobile mapping system. Their Trimble MX50 system delivers a very accurate point cloud of the environment along with complimentary immersive imagery and enables Jorvik to create extremely accurate designs without time consuming and labour-intensive site walkovers.

KOREC worked closely with Jorvik to create an enhanced workflow so that clients can now provide a boundary map and all relevant UPRNs (Unique Property Reference Numbers) along with a  request that Jorvik plans a design for that network. An initial survey is then driven with the MX50 system mounted on Jorvik’s Land Rover Defender.

Having access to a current, high-accuracy, 3D point cloud means that the Jorvik Design Group can now provide an even better service for its clients through the provision of an accurate 3D point cloud data set for measurements related to costing; a faster design service based on correct asset location and a fully up to date, accurate map of all their assets at the job’s conclusion.

CONSTRUCT: Utility construction company working on new build site

Working on new build sites, the installation of utilities is based on designers’ detailed line drawings rather than OS MasterMap data which has yet to be created for new developments. However, digitising these line drawings to take into the field, sometimes up to 6,000 in a single project, is extremely problematic due to the density of the information contained.

In order to create a new digital workflow, KOREC’s software division, K-MATIC, worked with the client to create an easy drag and drop solution which allows for the easy transfer of these large files from the office on to field devices.

CONSTRUCT: Utility installation company seeking a digitised workflow for greater efficiency and faster payment

KOREC was approached by a company that wished to become more efficient in the field, collecting as-built information. The company required better than 10cm positional accuracy on each connection (as per UK legislation) and also wished to document each connection with attribute information fed live to a secure cloud-based portal. This would enable them to provide proof of connection and bill weekly for work done.

KOREC supplied the company with Trimble Catalyst, a low cost GNSS option (with a choice of subscriptions for different accuracies) and  KOREC Capture field data software designed to run on standard smartphones or loggers.

OPERATE & MAINTAIN: a network operator pre-empting potential problems and minimising risk

A utility company has to maintain an existing network including pole inspection and vegetation encroachment across the network. The company approached KOREC who undertook a mobile mapping survey through its Professional Services division. This data, once processed, was analysed with automated routines for poles that were not in the existing inventory and also locations where vegetation could encroach the network and impact connectivity. This allowed them to better manage their assets and foresee potential issues.

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