Orange Business to offer hybrid private 5G in France


The standalone 5G (5G SA) solution will allow devices to connect to both private and public networks simultaneously using a single SIM card

Orange Business has announced the launch of a new hybrid private mobile network solution, allowing simultaneous access to a private network deployed by Orange as well as the company’s public commercial network.

The “two-in-one” 5G SA solution uses a router from Cradlepoint that connects to both networks and directs data flows to the desired network based on the application or use case.

The solution also relies on network slicing, edge computing, and local break outs across the overlapping public and private 5G networks to ensure network security and guaranteed low latencies.

The solution has been successfully tested at Orange’s facilities in Arcueil, Paris.

Orange says that the hybrid network will have many uses, particularly in industrial settings, where it can be used to connect industrial equipment, objects, smartphones, tablets, human-machine interfaces, or even autonomous vehicles.

As well as providing secure connectivity for a site’s critical activities, it will also allow for connection to subcontractors and remote sites, host third parties, and provide coverage for users beyond the site’s boundaries, such as forklift drivers and freight travelling by road, river or rail.

“Companies in all sectors face modernization, competitiveness and resilience challenges. The evolution of existing networks towards a hybrid private model promises major benefits in terms of production optimization, improvement of the experience of actors in the field and technology management. Orange mobilizes its dual expertise as operator and integrator to support its customers in their transformations,” explained Valérie Cussac, Orange Business’s Senior Vice-President of Smart Mobility Services (statement translated from French).

Earlier this year, Orange announced the launch of a 5G SA network in Spain, but in other markets, including France, the company has yet to make the upgrade to the more advanced technology.

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