Openreach CEO Clive Selley on the health of the UK broadband market


At this year’s Connected Britain, we had the pleasure of speaking to Clive Selley, CEO of Openreach, to discuss the enormous acceleration of the UK broadband market in recent years and the current chatter around market consolidation 

“Some level of consolidation is inevitable,” explained Selley. “I see well over 100 altnets out there and that possibly is not what we are going to see in five years’ time. Some of the bigger altnets sound like they are interested in being consolidators. Some level of consolidation is likely and healthy, so I look forward to the developments in that space – but it’s highly unlikely to involve Openreach!” 

In the interview, Selley went on to describe the current state of the UK broadband market as “super healthy”, touching on the importance of Equinox 2 pricing offer and the growing focus on public education to promote the take-up of fibre services.    

“Let’s celebrate achievements of the industry over the last few years,” concluded Selley. “How far we have come in the last few years is incredible.”  

 You can watch the full Connected Britain interview from the link below: 

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