“Open Access models play an essential role in enabling rapid and sustainable fibre rollout in Germany”


We caught up with Plusnet CEO Ulrich Hoffmann ahead of next month’s Connected Germany, which is being held in Mainz on December 6-7 2022.

1.     Can you introduce yourself and your current role?

I am responsible for the business of Plusnet GmbH as CEO since 2021 – and part of the EnBW family since 2019, when I joined as COO of our sister company NetCom BW. As an expert in the technical and strategic development of modern gigabit networks, I have held management positions at various German telecommunications companies – most recently at Unity Media before joining the EnBW Group.

2.     How does Plusnet fit into Germany’s broadband ecosystem?

We are one of the leading telecommunications providers for business customers in the Ger- man market and part of the EnBW Group. Based on our own nationwide network infrastructure and our extensive experience in the operation of all broadband technologies, we provide more than 25,000 business customers in Germany with reliable and highly secure services – in the areas of internet, voice and corporate networks.

As part of our strategy, we are investing in our own fibre-optic expansion for business customers since 2021 and, in the future, also residential customers. Thanks to our B2B focus, our know-how in the sector of telco services and infrastructure, our nationwide positioning and our agility, we are a partner at eye level for municipalities, other players such as public utilities and the local economy – and thus a pacemaker for the digital future.

3.     What opportunities does open access offer operators, and will it enable greater fibre network expansion?

An important aspect of the rollout decision for operators is the question of network utilisation and thus long-term investment security. Open Access models therefore play an essential role when it comes to a rapid and sustainable fibre rollout in Germany. Only by opening up networks – also and especially in the case of self-sustained infrastructures – we can ensure security of investment and thus sustainable local competition in B2B and B2C markets.

By setting the right course on the subject of open access and the accompanying technical innovations – for example in network aggregation – new value can be created for operators as well as resellers and sales partners in the next few years.

4.     What are you most looking forward to at Connected Germany?

We are currently in an incredibly exciting phase in the German telco market – especially in the fixed network sector. Comparable to the time of market liberalisation more than 20 years ago. With the expansion of fibre optics, the course is now being set for the digital future in Germany. In the sense of a good future together, the exchange of knowledge and opinions in the industry is therefore particularly important. I am very much looking forward to this.

You can hear from Ulrich and the rest of our amazing speaker line-up at this year’s Connected Germany – follow the link to secure your place!

To read a German version of this interview please follow this link.

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