Ookla Test UK 5G Mobile Speeds of Samsung S24 vs iPhone 15

New data from Ookla‘s popular broadband connection testing service, Speedtest.net, has revealed how well Samsung’s Galaxy S24, S23 and S22 family perform for 5G based UK mobile broadband speeds vs Apple’s latest iPhone 15 family. Overall, the S24 comes out as the fastest, but experiences may vary.

Naturally, there can be caveats with internet speed testing services like this, since we don’t know anything about the locations of different users, what mobile spectrum bands they were being used, whether the devices were performing any other background internet tasks while the test was being performed or any limitations of the remote servers etc. Mobile operator performance may also differ between locations by how much capacity they have available etc.

Nevertheless, Ookla’s latest data attempts to analyse how the Samsung Galaxy S24 family (S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra) measures up against its predecessors, in terms of 5G speed and latency, during its first several weeks on the market. The benchmarking firm also pits those against Apple’s iPhone 15 family (15, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max) to see how the different chipsets perform.

In the UK, Samsung’s S24 models were found to be the “fastest in the market“, returning a median (average) 5G download speed of 156.71Mbps – offering a speed gain of nearly 40Mbps compared to the Galaxy S22 family. Galaxy S24 models also posted faster speeds than both the Galaxy S23 and iPhone 15 families. But as we say, take all of this with a pinch of salt, although it’s not unusual to find that the most modern devices tend to also be the fastest.

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