nPerf Launch New Broadband Speed Testing App for PC and MAC

Internet connection speed benchmarking firm nPerf has today announced the launch of a new app for PC and MAC users, which is said to be capable of testing broadband speeds of up to 10Gbps, with streaming (using the VLC enginer) and browsing tests (using Chromium) now also included. The latter is somewhat unique for web-based speed testers.

Powered by advanced technology developed by the nPerf team and supported by a global network of servers (+3,000), the nPerf desktop application guarantees accurate and reliable results,” claims the announcement. But assessing such things is notoriously difficult and, in our experience, few broadband speed testing platforms are perfect and often suffer from a mix of different caveats.

As usual, broadband speed testers can be affected by various issues, such as slow Wi-Fi, limitations of the tester itself, local network congestion, the performance of remote internet services and so forth. Take with the usual pinch of salt.

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