Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei headline GSA’s new private networks group


The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)’s Private Mobile Networks Special Interest Group (SIG) will see its members collaborate to both track and accelerate the growth of the burgeoning private network ecosystem

The concept of private mobile networks is one of the hottest topics in the telecoms industry today, potentially presenting operators and vendors alike an attractive new revenue stream in the enterprise segment.

Indeed, for the past few years the deployment of these private networks has been accelerating rapidly. Earlier this year, a report from ABI Research forecast that the market for 5G private networks will reach $47.5 billion in 2030, up from $221 million in 2021, with LTE private networks similarly booming from $3.54 billion in 2021 to $66.88 billion in 2030.

The GSA too is tracking the surging interest in private networks, with their latest report suggesting that 66 mobile operators and 70 countries or territories globally are involved in private network projects, with 889 separate deployments recorded. The largest number of these deployments are taking place in the USA, with Germany, China, the UK, and Japan also major contributors.

Now, as the global private network ecosystem continues to expand, it should come as no surprise that interested parties are seeking to more detailed overview of deployment progress so far.

As such, today the GSA has announced the creation of its new private mobile networks SIG, an organisation aiming “to bring together leading telecommunications companies wishing to track, boost and promote the Private Mobile Networks ecosystem”.

The SIG will see its members share anonymised data related to their private network customers, allowing them each to gain a more holistic understanding of the wider ecosystem. The data will also be used to provide continuous tracking of the industry’s development, both for the participating members and also for the telecoms analyst community.

“The Private Mobile Network space is going from strength to strength and last year recorded 101% compound growth over the preceding 5 years, in terms of companies announcing Private Mobile Networks using 4G or 5G technology. The industry is now represented across 70 countries globally and customers continue to grow strongly,” said Joe Barrett, President of the GSA. “The GSA has a strong track record and experience in bringing together vendors, regulators and operators from across the 4G and 5G ecosystems to collaborate and promote technology adoption. The formation of the new Private Mobile Networks Special Interest Group (SIG) will bring this experience to the Private mobile networks space to accelerate its development worldwide.”

The SIG is backed by the usual suspects, with the world’s largest telecoms equipment vendors, Nokia, Ericsson, and Huawei, all noted as founding members. Mavenir, Keysight Technologies, and Private5GandLTE are also listed as permanent members, with more vendors will be announced in the months to come.

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