New UK Ultrafast Broadband ISP Called Beebu Launches

The UK has no shortage of retail broadband providers, but today another one has been officially launched in the shape of Fareham-based Beebu (BeeBu Telecom Limited), which like a lot of newer entrants appears to be harnessing several of the market’s alternative full fibre (FTTP) network operators.

The provider’s current partners are said to include CityFibre, MS3, Freedom Fibre, FullFibre and F&W Networks, although they’re eyeing more partnerships for the near future. “BeeBu full-fibre is accessible to 14.8 million homes in the UK and is on track to be available in 16 million homes by August 2024“, states the announcement, which quietly reflects the fact that they’re also available via Openreach’s national network.

Behind the scenes, BeeBu is also said to be supported by Vantage Cloud, which is facilitating their ISP automation platform to help provide customer experience and support. In addition, the provider is preparing several forthcoming announcements about initiatives like ‘Switch & Save’ and a “significant” UK sponsorship.

David Kilby, CEO of BeeBu, said:

“Over the past 18 months, we have witnessed multiple broadband companies entering the market, some catering to niche communities, specific regions, or localities. However, a recurring trend is that customer service and reliability are somewhat lacking, failing to meet consumer expectations.

BeeBu approaches this differently. Since the inception of this project, we have aimed to stand out, providing ultrafast full-fibre broadband access to more UK homes than any other provider, all the while ensuring it is highly dependable and cost-effective.”

The challenge for Beebu is that various other ISPs in the market often make similar claims and standing out in such a busy crowd remains an incredibly difficult task.

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