New 2.2Gbps Broadband Package Goes Live from Vodafone UK

Customers of mobile operator and UK ISP Vodafone may like to know that the operator has finally introduced their new 2.2Gbps (symmetric) speed home broadband package, which is based off CityFibre’s national Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network and includes their premium “Pro II” features. But they also have a 1.6Gbps option on Openreach’s network.

Just to be clear on something. CityFibre’s new wholesale tier on their latest XGS-PON powered full fibre network actually offers speeds of 2.5Gbps (here and here), but Vodafone are promoting this as 2.2Gbps due to the usual issues of real-world network overheads, capacity and the ASA’s advertising rules (i.e. the advertised average speed must be a median as measured at peak time).

NOTE: CityFibre currently covers 3.6 million UK premises (3.3m as Ready for Service) (here), while Openreach’s FTTP reaches over 14m. But there’s a fair bit of urban overbuild between the pair.

The premium Pro II features include Vodafone’s latest WiFi6e UltraHub (router) and WiFi Booster, automatic 4G backup, support via dedicated Wi-Fi “Xperts“ and the provider’s Secure Net Home (internet security and parental controls) service.

However, today’s news isn’t only about the top 2.2Gbps tier, because Vodafone are also offering download speed options of up to 1.8Gbps on CityFibre or up to 1.6Gbps to those only covered by Openreach’s slower FTTP network (availability will vary by location). Across both networks, Vodafone claims to be the “largest Full Fibre provider in the UK“, with their services available to 15.1 million out of 31.9 million UK premises (47% coverage).

Rob Winterschladen, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK, said:

“As ‘The Nation’s Network’, we’re committed to delivering the best and most reliable home connectivity experience. We are challenging the market by offering unbeatable products and services at great value. Not only are we the UK’s biggest Full Fibre provider with a market-leading offering in Pro II inclusive of Secure Net Home, our best-ever security and family controls, we also now offer faster speeds to more homes than any other major provider. Combined this makes for a really exciting time to switch to Vodafone and get the ultimate, hassle-free broadband for busy families – all at a great price”.

In terms of pricing, we found that the 1.8Gbps Pro II package came out as £66 per month on a 24-month term, while 2.2Gbps costs £70 per month on CityFibre’s network (both offer symmetric speeds). As for the Openreach-based 1.6Gbps package, the pricing is currently £66 per month (like the faster 1.8Gbps tier on CF), but you only get average upload speeds of 105Mbps on this plan due to the limits of their GPON network.

Finally, today also marks the first customer connected by Vodafone to its 2.2Gbps plan. The customer is also the first to be powered by CityFibre’s new rural network rolled out to support the government’s ‘Project Gigabit’ programme to enable hard-to-reach communities in Cambridgeshire to access lightning-fast gigabit-capable broadband.

NOTE: Your monthly prices will increase each year on 1st April by £3.

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