Netomnia’s Full Fibre Broadband Covers 1 Million UK Premises

One of the UK market’s largest alternative network operators, Netomnia (YouFibre), has today announced that after four years of work they’ve managed to build their 10Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP infrastructure to cover 1 million premises passed (Ready for Service) – rising to 1.6m once the Brsk merger (here) completes.

The figure of 1 million premises (RFS) represents another significant improvement from the 960,000 they had just a month ago, which shows that their rollout has not been dampened by the wider market’s many challenges (i.e. they’ve added 500,000 premises within the last year alone). The network sells its packages to consumers and businesses via sibling ISP YouFibre, which had 80,000 customers in March 2024 (c.140k if you include Brsk).

NOTE: Netomnia and broadband ISP YouFibre have so far raised £795.5m via Advencap, DigitalBridge and Soho Square (excluding Brsk).

Since its inception, Netomnia has now laid over 15,600km of fibre cabling to build its network – the equivalent distance of London to Cairns, Australia – and specialises in a lower cost approach to build, which seems to be working well and gives them greater tolerance when growing take-up.

The operator previously aimed to continue this network expansion, with a plan to reach up to 2 million premises by the end of 2025. But that has since been boosted by the merger agreement with Brsk. The combined network thus technically already covers 1.6 million premises and now aims to reach 3 million premises (coverage) by the end of 2025.

Zoltán Kovács, Managing Director at Netomnia, said:

“We are incredibly proud that our network now serves one million premises. We started building our network in 2020 and to reach one million premises in just four years is truly unprecedented. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire team. Thank you to all our partners and stakeholders for being part of this journey.

By accelerating the UK’s transition to fibre, we’re empowering residents and businesses to unleash their potential by providing access to world-class connectivity, today.”

Customers of YouFibre typically pay from £22.99 per month for their 150Mbps package, which rises to just £29.99 for 1Gbps and £99.99 for the dizzy heights of 7-8Gbps on a 24-month term. The provider has also pledged “no in-contract price rises” and “no set-up fees“.

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