Netcrackers Ari Banerjee talks GenAI and Data security at MWC 2024 


At MWC this year, we spoke to Ari Banerjee, the Senior Vice President of Strategy at Netcracker to discuss the hot topics at this year’s event, including AI, data security and monetisation

The biggest topic at the event this year was Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specifically Generative AI (Gen AI). Does Banjeree think that telco is ready to fully embrace GenAI?  

“We talk a lot about AI, machine language and the evolution to Gen AI. What we are seeing with our customers, first is that they need to really digitally transform themselves by having the right data. So, data transformation becomes a precursor to any AI ML [machine learning] strategy, because at the end of the day, if you have garbage or duplicate data, you are not going to be able to use AI in the right way.” 

Relating AI to data security is another current hot topic, and Netcracker have a telco Gen AI solution, that needs customer data to be able to provide the right answers. But private customer data cannot be exposed to the public cloud and is something that the company take very seriously. Netcracker’s secure gateway, which sits between the public LLM models, the customer and the BSS/OSS Systems plays an important role in providing security to the end user. 

What does Banerjee is the most exciting area for Gen AI technology? being able to understand the customer fully in what they are doing and then providing the right contextual offer to the customer. 

You can watch our full interview with Banerjee from the link below:

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