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Speaking at Connected North, Steve Doddington, Director of Telecoms at Netceed, formerly Comtec, discusses what the changing market means for them and their customers, while also touching on how the rebrand and continuous growth of the group can benefit all

Netceed, formerly Comtec, have had a busy year with their transition as well as servicing Tier 1 customers and trading with over 90 altnets and 230 contractors.

With the transition well underway, Netceed come together in 14 countries with 1,200 employees. But what does this mean for their customers?

“Our customers benefit in lots of ways. We leverage our group ability to offer products to our customers, so through the wide product portfolio we have, we give our customers the options so we can truly offer them a one-stop-shop solution,” explained Doddington.

“And then, we take that leveraging a step further where we buy very well because we have group volume and we can pass that on to our customers and be very competitive with prices. So, the benefits our customers see are real and what we can also do with that is by implementing our supply chain method, we can add forecasting and inventory management, we hold £20m worth of stock here in the UK and then we can put logistics and value-added services around that as well.”

“So ultimately, we provide a full package that allows our customers to really concentrate on what they are good at, which is building networks and hooking up customers, and allow us to do the rest for them.”

You can watch the full interview from the link below

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