NEC XON Spearheads Emtel’s Ascent to Becoming Mauritius’ Fastest Mobile Network

NEC XON has played a pivotal role in Emtel’s recent recognition as OOKLA’s Mauritius Speedtest Awards Winner for mobile network speed during Q2-Q3 2023. The collaboration between NEC XON and Emtel has been spearheaded by Jurie Cordier, Key Account Executive at NEC XON, and Emtel CEO Kresh Goomany. “This project has enabled Emtel to clinch the Ookla Speedtest Award with an impressive mobile speeds never witnessed on the island . This accolade is a testament to its successful deployment of 5G technology across Mauritius with strategic partner, NEC XON,” says Cordier.

Emtel’s 5G network already covers 80% of the Mauritian population, with plans to extend coverage in 2024. CEO Kresh Goomany remarks: “With the widest 5G network coverage in Mauritius — and most probably the widest 5G network in Africa considering the population and the area that we cover — we are proud to be the first company to launch 5G across such a significant portion of the island.” Emtel users can now experience ultra fast speeds coupled with ultra-low latency on the Emtel 5G mobile network, significantly enhancing the mobile data browsing experience for customers.

The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) of Mauritius granted 5G licenses to the country’s three MNOs — My.t mobile, Emtel, and CHiLi Mauritius — in July 2021, facilitating the deployment of commercial services. In this highly competitive market, Emtel stands out with a 5G network deployment covering 80% of the population, offering low latency that proves essential in the current hybrid work models adopted by businesses.

NEC XON’s role in this success includes vital cell site upgrades to enable 5G deployment. Juniper Networks equipment, forming the core of the network, plays a crucial role in delivering reliable network performance. NEC XON has been a strategic partner of Emtel since 2011, fostering a consultative relationship that goes beyond the traditional vendor-customer dynamic.

“Since 2011, we have served as a strategic partner throughout Emtel’s journey. We have already upgraded them to a 100-gig backbone, and the future holds a 400-gig backbone upgrade,” says Anthony Laing, GM Networking at NEC XON.

In addition to the 5G deployment, Emtel recently launched its METISS fibre cable, further solidifying its position as a bandwidth capacity leader in the region. The upgraded infrastructure not only benefits businesses through enhanced video-conferencing and streaming but also offers improved Internet of Things applications, positively impacting the community at large.

This partnership between NEC XON and Emtel exemplifies a collaborative approach, emphasising a consultative relationship that transcends the conventional vendor-customer dynamic. As technology continues to evolve, NEC XON remains committed to supporting Emtel in its pursuit of innovation and excellence in the telecommunications landscape.



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