MS3 Gain Access to Build FTTP Broadband into Hull’s Apartment Blocks

Network operator MS3, which is rolling out a new open access (wholesale) full fibre gigabit broadband network across 30 locations in the UK (mostly East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire), has today announced that they’ll be able to tackle more residential apartment blocks (MDUs) in Hull after securing a master wayleave (legal land/property access) agreement.

The Asterion-backed network operator currently aims to reach 535,000 UK premises by the end of 2025 and has so far (4th Jan 2024) covered 174,261 homes (142,538 RFS), which is up from 158,779 (119,139 RFS) on 2nd Nov 2023. A good chunk of this is in the Hull area of East Yorkshire, where access to Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) can be a bit tricky and KCOM’s broadband network tends to dominate.

NOTE: MS3’s network is supported by a growing list of ISPs, such as TalkTalk, Open Fibre, Squirrel Internet, MTH Networks, Hull Fibre, Octaplus, Link Broadband, Home Telecom and more..

Despite recent changes to the law that should make gaining access to MDUs easier (here and here), they can still present a complex installation challenge and require close cooperation with local landlords and housing associations, who must comply with their own stringent safety standards.

However, while working closely with the Hull City Council (HCC), MS3 has been able to secure a master wayleave agreement to allow access to its MDU premises (e.g. social housing).

Jo Fleming, Corporate Partnerships Manager at MS3, said:

“Offering access to MDUs is an important part of our strategy. MS3 holds a strong belief in the power of technology to bridge the digital divide and promote equal opportunities for all, and we have taken various steps to ensure that individuals from all communities benefit from the progress of the digital era.

Our business model works in a way that is quite unique, in that we sell directly via our multitude of wholesale partners only. What this means is that the consumer can select internet packages that are aligned to their individual bandwidth and budget needs. In addition, our wholesale partners have implemented social tariffs specifically tailored to lessen the financial burden on individuals belonging to more economically disadvantaged communities. These tariffs provide discounted rates for internet services, making them more accessible to those who would otherwise struggle to afford them.

We strive to work with Local Authorities and MPs with their digital inclusion strategies and understand the needs of the local areas and the overall economic benefit we can bring.”

For decades, Hull residents have been limited to a single broadband ISP (KCOM) and thus higher prices. But competition from the likes of MS3 Networks and others is slowly turning that tide. As a wholesale network operator, MS3 has a growing list of ISP partners on its network, each offering a range of affordable packages and prices.

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