Mobile UK: We must collaborate to overcome the digital divide


At this year’s Connected North conference, we were delighted to catch up with Mobile UK’s Director of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, following his panel focussing on the digital divide in the North of the UK.

“Some of the main topics we talk about are making sure people have access to connectivity, but it goes beyond that. There are many issues around people having the will and trust to use connectivity, or the skills to use devices,” explained Elliott.

But how do we overcome these challenges and whose responsibility is it to provide digital skills training?

“It’s a collaborative effort,” said Elliott, noting the many initatives by the UK’s network operators to provide such training. “But I think fundamentally there’s a real role for local authorities and as an organisation we’re calling on the government to fund digital champions to really provide leadership at a local authority level.”

You can watch the full interview from the link below.

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