Microsoft Hikes UK Xbox Game Pass Prices for Online Video Gamers

Software and internet giant Microsoft have announced that they’re increasing the monthly price of their online Game Pass service for multiplayer Xbox and PC gamers. On top of that, they’re soon be replacing the standard sub for Xbox users, which means you’ll have to stump up for ‘Game Pass Ultimate‘ to access new games on release day.

The official announcement only provides the pricing details for the USA (here), but they’ve also published a table that lists the changes for each country (here). In short, the PC Game Pass will increase from £7.99 to £9.99 for new members, while Game Pass Ultimate will jump by the same amount (+£2) to £14.99 per month for new members and Game Pass Core (12 months pre-paid) will increase from £49.99 to £55.99. 

NOTE: At the time of writing it is still possible to take these plans for the old pricing, but that will not last very long.

Microsoft’s Three Key Xbox Changes

1. Price Hikes

Worldwide prices are changing for Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass, and 12-month subscriptions to Game Pass Core.

On July 10, 2024, updated prices take effect for new member subscriptions.
Starting September 12, 2024, the price of recurring charges will change for existing members. Select countries are excluded from this price update. Recurring billing dates will not change. New prices take effect on the next recurring billing charge after September 12, 2024.
These changes will also take effect for 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month subscriptions to Game Pass Core in Türkiye, South Africa, and Argentina, as well as 6-month subscriptions to Game Pass Core in India.

2. Changes to Xbox Game Pass for Consoles

Starting on July 10, 2024, Xbox Game Pass for Console will not be available for new members.

If you are currently subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for Console and have automatic payment renewal enabled, you will be able to continue to enjoy your membership. Look for a message from Xbox in your inbox with more information on your membership.

If at any time you turn off your automatic payment renewal and your membership lapses, you will no longer have access to Game Pass for Console and will need to join one of the other plans we offer for Game Pass. You can manage your subscriptions here: Services & subscriptions
Xbox Game Pass for Console codes will continue to be redeemable until further notice. As of September 18, 2024, the maximum extension limit of Game Pass for Console will be 13 months. This will not impact any time you currently have stacked on your account that exceeds 13 months and will only impact your future ability to stack more than 13 months after September 18, 2024. To learn more about account extension limits, visit: Xbox subscription extension limits

3. The New XBox Game Pass Standard

We created Game Pass to offer players more choice in how they discover and play games. That includes offering different prices and plans, so players can find what works best for them. A new Game Pass option, Xbox Game Pass Standard, will become available for $14.99 USD (pricing varies by market) in the coming months.

Xbox Game Pass Standard gives you hundreds of high-quality games to play on your console. It also features all the benefits of Game Pass Core, such as online console multiplayer and select member deals and discounts, including up to 50% off select games. Game Pass Standard will not include games released on day one.

The new XBox Game Pass Standard is planned to launch in the “coming months“. By comparison, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate adds access to day one (release) titles, specific entries to the Game Pass Ultimate library, access to EA Play, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Perks, Quests, and discounts on games in the Game Pass library.

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