Lyfo introduces BackupSim: A game-changer for mobile connectivity

“As mobile usage soars so does our reliance on seamless connections. Applications rely on it. Your people depend on it. Downtime isn’t an option – and presents significant risks”, says Maurits Zandbergen, CEO of Lyfo. “But are you aware of how often your team actually faces connectivity issues and, even more so, of the associated risks?” Dropped calls and dead zones can leave you out of reach, especially during remote work or urgent situations.

BackupSim has got you covered

How does it work? BackupSim seamlessly integrates with your mobile operator’s primary SIM, scanning all available mobile networks, and intervening instantly if connections falter. It automatically switches to an alternative network when the network quality drops, ensuring uninterrupted service, even in challenging environments: near borders, inside buildings, in remote areas, or during emergencies.


“Simply put, it’s what you fall back on when the primary connection is interrupted”, says Zandbergen. By enhancing mobile operator connectivity, BackupSim drastically reduces connectivity downtime by up to 90%, serving as a fail-safe solution. “It has proven to be a game-changer, even for the most robust mobile networks. We’re excited to partner with mobile operators worldwide to bring this essential solution to anyone who relies on mobile connectivity.”


Lyfo: Connectivity Pioneers
At Lyfo, we strive to ensure reliable and seamless mobile connectivity. Backed by technical expertise, a keen enthusiasm for telecom solutions, and a deep understanding of the risks associated with mobile connectivity loss, Lyfo keeps you connected. Because it matters.

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