KPN expands subscriber base with acquisition of Youfone


Youfone is the third largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the Netherlands with around 540,000 customers

This week, KPN has announced the acquisition of Youfone’s local MVNO business for roughly €200 million.

Youfone is the third largest MVNO in the Netherlands. It has roughly 540,000 customers, around 10% of which are fixed broadband customers.

The company already provides mobile services to customers using KPN’s network, hence there should be little disruption to existing customers, with KPN noting that they will retain the Youfone mobile brand.

Following the acquisition, Youfone’s customers will be added to KPN’s existing subscriber base, which includes over 3.5 million mobile customers and nearly 3 million mobile customers. According to retail customer data reported earlier this month, these additional subscribers will make KPN the largest mobile operator in the Netherlands, topping previous leader T-Mobile Netherlands.

As always, the deal requires regulatory approval.

In related news, earlier this week KPN announced that it was acquiring the Dutch fibre assets of Primevest. The deal increases KPN’s fibre coverage by around 127,000 premises, primarily located in Rotterdam, The Hague, and Eindhoven.

KPN is aiming to cover 80% of the Netherlands with full fibre by 2026. The operator’s fibre footprint currently covers over four million premises.

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