Journey to a more connected North: UK connectivity roundup February 2024


A selection of the most important connectivity stories relating to the North of the UK, with expert guest commentary provided by Dominic Beresford-Webb, Senior Conference Producer for Connected North at Total Telecom.

“In a series of transformative developments, the UK’s digital landscape is witnessing significant progress in connectivity initiatives.

Rural communities are getting the service they deserve with B4RN’s 400Gbps and strong progress being made by EE with the Shared Rural Network in North Yorkshire. EE built 40 masts over the last two years, giving a vital boost to 4G coverage for the area. With 1,600 rural locations upgraded under the SRN so far, EE have claimed to be ahead of other operators on this project.

We’ve seen some welcome news on Project Gigabit with both Quickline Communications and CityFibre winning significant investment to bring full fibre across rural premises. East Yorkshire-based ISP Quickline have £60 million in funding to build infrastructure that supports rural communities and drives economic growth. Meanwhile, CityFibre won a whopping £394 million worth of contracts for over 200,000 rural premises.

Hopefully this means a bright future for underserved rural communities to help address the digital divide, improve global competitiveness and increase investment.

It’s exciting times at CJ Founds Associates, with Lynne Wilson joining the team and bringing valuable insights from her time at the Berkshire Digital Infrastructure Group. This adds yet more expertise to a firm that’s well versed in assisting local authorities implement their digital strategy.

If you want to hear more from Quickline, CityFibre and CJ Founds Associates join us in Manchester for Connected North this April 22-23. These and many more organisations will be sharing their knowledge and networking with peers.

This includes Greg Mesch, Chief Executive Office for CityFibre; Sean Royce, Chief Executive Officer for Quickline Communications; Chris Founds, Director & Founding Partner for CJ Founds Associates.”

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B4RN’s Resilient 400G Network in Northern England goes Live: B4RN’s backhaul speeds will increase tenfold to 400Gbps, increasing network bandwidth and decreasing network latency deeper into rural communities.
Shared Rural Network update: EE boosts North Yorkshire 4G coverage: EE has built of upgraded 40 masts in the North Yorkshire area over the last two years.
CityFibre awarded nearly £400m in latest round of Project Gigabit contracts: The new contracts will see full fibre deployed to around 202,000 rural premises across the UK.
Pioneering local authority digital leader joins CJ Founds Associates: Lynne Wilson, previously of Berkshire Digital Infrastructure Group, has joined the company as Senior Digital Programme Manager.
Quickline wins £60m Project Gigabit contract: Full fibre will be deployed to around 28,000 rural homes and businesses, primarily in West Yorkshire.

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