Is personalisation the key to enhancing customer experience?

Intent HQ’s CEO Jonathan Lakin sat down with Scott Appleton, TMT Strategy Manager at Cartesian to discuss how true personalisation can help telcos to increase their relevance with consumers and improve customer retention.
“As with any business story, the central character is always the customer and success is determined by how well the customer perceives the product,” Scott notes. 
“Customers are tired of the noise of mass marketing”, observes Jonathan. However, most operators still operate in a “mass-market mode.” The need to send out campaigns to millions of customers is key but by doing this telcos risk losing their relevance and connection with the customer. “The only way to rise above the noise is to be relevant.” 
Personalisation is nothing new, many telcos were working on it as early as 2010, however it looks very different nowadays. “What some of the big tech behemoths have achieved with personalisation and being relevant to a customer is on a different level in terms of investment…

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