IPv6 Forum Signs an IPv6 Talent Development Cooperation Agreement with Huawei, Accelerating Industry Digital Transformation


During MWC 2023, the IPv6 Forum signed a memorandum of cooperation on the IPv6 Education Certification Logo Program. In order to promote the deployment of IPv6 technologies and the transformation of future-oriented network architectures, the two parties will work closely together on the establishment of talent standards and development of the talent ecosystem for data communication. Latif Ladid, chairman of the IPv6 Forum, and Qiu Yuefeng, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, attended the signing ceremony on behalf of the two parties.

IPv6 Forum signs a memorandum of cooperation on IPv6 Education Certification Logo Program with Huawei

As enterprise digital transformation gathers pace, diverse services pose new requirements on networks, and the network architectures are undergoing essential changes. To meet the demand for new-type network talent and adapt to the capability model changes of a network-related workforce, Huawei has developed a set of data communication training standards — Huawei Datacom Certification, based on its years of expertise as a leader in the data communication field.

There are three levels of Huawei Datacom Certification:

HCIA-Datacom certification aims to develop network engineers with entry-level data communication knowledge and skills.
HCIP-Datacom certification has one core technical focus (HCIP-Datacom-Core Technology) and six optional sub-focuses. This certification is designed for aspirants who want to become senior engineers in cross-domain solution planning and design or single-domain planning and deployment.
HCIE-Datacom certification aims to cultivate network experts with theoretical knowledge of cross-domain solutions and the ability to deploy these solutions.

This cooperative project aims to “promote capacity building in the IPv6 field”, encourage IPv6 education and training, and promote the inclusion of IPv6-related content in educational courses and programs of universities, research institutions, suppliers, and training experts. Through the Education Certification Logo Program, the two parties have discussed talent development solutions in the IPv6 field in depth. In addition to increasing practical engineering expertise and knowledge, they will also provide certified logos for certified experts in recognition of their talent and to boost the confidence of IPv6 users. In 2022, 33,057 candidates took Huawei Datacom Certification exams, and 25,408 candidates obtained certificates. This number included candidates from the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia Pacific regions. Among them, 78.2% were employees and students.

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to promote the dissemination of data communication skills around the world, strengthen cooperation with international talent alliances and standards organizations, and cultivate more digitalization talent with IPv6 proficiency to accelerate the digital transformation of global enterprises.

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