IOEMA announces new North Sea submarine cable 


The company was founded in 2023 after four years of project development 

On day one of the Submarine Networks EMEA Conference in London, IOEMA Fibre unveiled its new submarine cable connecting Northern Europe. 

The 1400km long repeatered cable will span across five key markets in Northern Europe: the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Norway. It will be made up of a trunk route that connects Dumpton Gap in the UK with Kristiansand in Norway, and three branches connecting Eemshaven in The Netherlands, Wilhelmshaven in Germany, and Blaabjerg in Denmark. 

It is multi-core with 48 fibre pairs, giving 27-29 Terabits per fibre pair, and an overall minimum capacity of 1.3 Pb/s. 

Arelion has been selected as the infrastructure on Denmark shores, and will expand connectivity towards Esbjerg and Copenhagen through their network. EWE TEL and Relined Fiber Network are joint landing partners in Germany, and both companies will provide backhaul routes to Hamburg, Berlin and eventually further. 

Eurofiber and QTS are the landing parties in Eemshaven, The Netherlands and will reuse the existing infrastructure of the former TGN Northern Europe cable. Eurofiber will provide redundant backhaul connectivity to Groningen, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Rotterdam and Brussels through its fibre network. 

Colt Technology Services will accommodate the IOEMA cable at its landing point in Dumpton Gap. 

“After 5 years of development and observing the market in Northern Europe, it became evident that diverse routes are needed to provide the redundancy for the increasing data demand in the Nordics,” said Eckhard Bruckschen, CTO of IOEMA Fibre Ltd. 

“We are proud to start this project together with our landing partners and provide further connectivity across Europe and beyond,” he continued.

“By increasing capacity, performance, and resilience across Northern Europe, the IOEMA project will have a profound impact on digital connectivity for this region and beyond. We’re excited and honoured to be playing a key role in bringing this ambitious vision to reality.” said Annette Murphy, Chief Commercial Officer at Colt. 

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